When you navigate to the Audit Wizard 'HOME' tab you'll see a feature called 'Monthly sync quota' displayed...

Sync quota is a feature we've introduced to regulate our 'fair use' policy.  Our fair use policy anticipates each user account may SYNC up to 10 completed audits in any 1 calendar month.

To arrive at '10' we reviewed the typical 'audit span' across both occasional and extreme AIR-INSITE users alike and found this to be 8 days and 14 hours (that's the span between the time stamp of the first logger in any audit and the time stamp of the last logger in any audit) reviewed into an average.  That's between 3 & 4 completed and sync'd audits per calendar month assuming audit equipment is used continuously which is unlikely!   So by applying a quota of 10 we've provided a sync quota which ensures even extreme users have a sufficient quota whilst at the same time ensuring that our fair use policy is respected by all users.

It's also worth pointing out that if you 'RE-SYNC' an audit or repeat the upload of audit data (Base to cloud step) and SYNC that upload for a second time, this is not counted in a users monthly sync quota.

The sync quota will reset on the first day of each calendar month.